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Written by Matija Kopić on Aug 29, 2012

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I have a confession to make today: Farmeron has completed an unsuccessful campaign to hire a frontend developer for our development office in Osijek.

It was a great learning lesson for me. I’ve never experienced having problems with getting prospective employee’s attention – and finally – with hiring only the best people for our ambitious goal of bringing world’s farmers and their production data online. Never before (FYI, Farmeron is 20 months old now, and we have a total of 10 people working in our Croatian office). But this time, the story was different.

After almost 7 weeks of actively trying, we’ve finally given up. I’d like to thank all our applicants – a very few of them – for preparing the solution we were asking for as a precondition. Unfortunately, we didn’t find what we were looking for. No bad feelings – but we just couldn’t feel the right fit between any of the candidates and our fuzzy, wild and very open company culture.

Greetings, Croatian developers, dear tech crowd.

I was very surprised to see how few ‘good-enough’ applications we received. That either means:

  1. there is a serious lack of frontend developers in Osijek and I hope that’s a clear sign for tech & programming schools around the city (and country).  Also, if anyone had any doubts about whether she/he should explore becoming a frontend developer – this is a clear answer: I strongly encourage you to do so. Now’s the right time for it. Or,
  2. every single frontend developer in the region is already booked – and very much happy with their current job. Or,
  3. our offer was just bad.

Since I’ve always believed in new opportunities (and since I think a lot of tech people out there have a similar mindset), we decided to do something about this awkward situation. If you’re interested, read on.

What were we looking for?

Just to clarify things, our previous hiring attempt hasn’t been foolish (although it crossed my mind that we possibly overdid it with requirements. That thought amused me for about 2 minutes.) We weren’t asking our candidates to program a rocket ship (but we welcome guys/girls who can do it.) Nothing special, just a standard set of skills required to do a decent job on the frontend of the web app. Any frontend developer with some experience and high motivation should know it; JavaScript, HTML, CSS + jQuery, AJAX, perhaps some design knowledge was required.

So, what’s next?

We’re not giving up, of course. We’re just taking it to the next level: if you are a frontend developer, you have an interest in joining one of the most active tech startups in the SEE region (here’s a sweet little text about us:, and you’re interested in:

1) making 10k kn net per month,
2) becoming an equity option holder in our company,
3) getting other nice little benefits (like free food, cool gadgets),
4) doing some extraordinary, crazy things for farmers of the world,

then reach out to us, now (through or
Think you’re up to the challenge? Let the games begin.

(P.S. We love Game of Thrones.)