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Event Recording

Events are historical markers of crucial changes in the animal’s life and each event can cost your business time, money, and materials. Now, find out the true cost of completing actions like administering health treatments, managing fertility cycles, and raising calves. Assign responsibility to each recording directly from your employee list. Made a mistake? No problem. Cancel/delete directly from the application.

Calf management

  • Costs - Track all events from birth to first calving to analyze your heifer raising costs. Know exactly when you receive a return on investment for each animal.
  • Gains - Record height, weight, and body condition scores for all animals – analyze growth rates at an individual or group level and see how you’re improving generation over generation.


  • Animal quarantine - Segregating animals from the rest of the herd is important for disease control. Keep track of when these animals enter a hospital location and criteria necessary to allow their release.
  • Hoof check - Collaborate with your hoof trimmer as you do with the veterinarian. Schedule the reason for a hoof check and the hoof trimmer can record the result (diagnosis) and document remarks (hooves, zones, severity).
  • Health check - Enter diagnosis and treatement for an animal, document each detail and assign a cost to each of the actions taken and use the information gathered to make analysis and act preventively.


  • Calving - Track factors, such as ease and caregiver, affecting calving. Compare recorded data against performance throughout her lactation.
  • Sync action - create sync protocols, always be on time using the calendar and track costs and efficiency through reporting.
  • Insemination - Identify the determining reason for inseminating an animal. Record heat details alongside an insemination event. Investigate the efficiency of your reproductive program with these extra insights.
  • Reproductive health check - Veterinarians diagnose much more than pregnancy status during their scheduled visits. Record cystic ovaries, insemination recommendations, and ultra sound results, attributable to the veterinarian doing the examination.


Collaborate with all team members on marking animals eligible for culling. Prioritize the running list based on metrics for profitability, health, or genetic markers. Animals with the worst stats can be removed from the herd via Animal Exits.

Holding pens

Create virtual groups of animals. Animals added to a holding pen can be bulk recorded in events. Commonalities between the animals can create custom cohorts for reporting or comparison of animal data.


Protocols are standard operating procedures unique to a dairy farm. Each protocol is comprised of event templates and a specified time interval between each. Build protocols visually without complicated codes or commands. Start protocol runs from animal lists, other event recordings, or automatically using triggers. Once started, track and manage your protocols easily in Farmeron’s calendar.

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Dynamic Reports

Using Farmeron as a data hub provides the ultimate tool for business intelligence. Accelerate the decision making process with Dynamic Reports. Combine and configure filters to create the reports that allow you to analyze your data. Find where your business can improve and where you can optimize costs.

Pick your data

  • General - Important biographical information about the animal, such as ID, birthdate, and registration information.
  • Production - Lactation stats on milk produced, and profit from milk generated.
  • Health - Costs and details from recorded health events.
  • Fertility - Reproductive events, pregnancy stats, and gynecological performance.
  • Financial data - Costs of material usages for events and total margins measuring profitability.
  • And More... - (Animal exit, protocols, holding pens, feed, and milk tests)

Select your period

  • Current - By default all dynamic report data shown is today's values. Current lactations, milk, age, etc. which are useful for actionable events.
  • By Time Reports show aggregated values for a week, month, year, or quarter. View trends for the timespan selected. For example, analyze health costs of the fresh pen for the last 12 months.
  • Overtime Track data from a start date to an end date for an animal or group. View day by day changes in values. See the amount of feed delivered yesterday, the day before, and Monday of last week.

Focus and Take Action

  • Grouping - For group analysis, similar data points can be merged. Multiple groupings of data can be formed and prioritized with drag and drop.
  • Save Reports - Every report crafted with specific columns, groupings, and aggregations can be saved to your account. Access the report anywhere with the favorites section.
  • Trigger Protocols - In addition to the Action Toolbar available in all dynamic reports, the system can start and finish protocols for qualified animals setup in a report.


Feeding is the biggest single cost on a dairy. Establish an accurate Income Over Feed Costs (IOFC) in Farmeron by entering the sale of milk and usage of feed.

Assigning feed costs

How valuable is feed data stored in a separate software from other herd data? Farmeron has two feeding options that can be implemented simultaneously.

  • Automated feeding assigns predetermined amounts to each animal location daily.
  • Integrated feeding assigns actuals imported from 3rd party feed software.

Material Receipts from deliveries

Have you invested in a truck scale? Import that data generated into Farmeron.

  • Harvest loads - Farmeron will import the net weight of delivered loads and add it to the selected storage location. Easily assign harvests to internal or external production.
  • Co-op deliveries- The price of concentrates fluctuates greatly. Make sure the amount purchased is the amount delivered. Reconciling the data is easier when tracked in Farmeron.

Feeding performance

Imagine having your feed data inline with herd, financial, and genetic data sets from your animals. The possibilities to compare and discover trends are endless.

  • Feed consumed can be shown day by day or for a grouped time period.
  • Feed conversions as a running number per animal, pen, or herd.

Material cost & Inventory

Material usage on a dairy farm occurs almost everywhere. Drugs & supportive care materials keep your animals healthy; feed ingredients grow your animals into producing adults. Track everything in one place. Know immediately where you stand on inventory balance, usages, and costs.

Keep stock of:

  • Milk
  • Store milk produced from animals in defined tanks.
  • Sell the on-farm storage to processing plants.
  • Compare milk shipped vs. milk produced to track percent of bulk variance.
  • Milk pricing module tracks fees, bonuses, and more.
  • Feed
  • Combine ingredients into Premixes for simpler storage and faster delivery
  • Sort forages and concentrates by material groups for reports on usage and costing
  • View starting and ending balances for any time period
  • Medicine
  • Track meat and milk withholding dates on antibiotics
  • Use materials for recordable animal events and assign their costs to the animal.
  • Track diagnosis attached to specific treatments
  • Semen
  • Purchase price of semen assigned to animal at insemination event
  • Links automatically to bull master records imported from the CDCB and NAAB.
  • Track quantity available in each semen tank.
  • Animal locations
  • Define ideal capacity limits per pen
  • Report against animals sharing habitats
  • Bulk move animals from location to location

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Selecting semen to improve your herd has become nearly overwhelming because of the many choices available. The choice you make today will impact the bottom line of future generations. Use Farmeron to make informed decisions with contextual data.

Bull master records

  • Farmeron contains a full sire database of over 450,000 bulls that have been assessed by the Council for Dairy Cattle Breeding and the National Association of American Breeders.
  • Rapidly compare production, type, and fertility indexes of each bull and make sound decisions on semen purchases with the bull master records list.

Mating recommendations

  • Mating recommendations can be imported immediately after selection has occurred. Keep this data relevant and close
  • View recommendations on mobile and web animal profiles with quick access reminders on insemination recording screens.
  • Investigate a mating recommendation further with a direct link to bull proofs

Genomic data

  • Classification & Genomic results imported from US Jersey Association and Zoetis.
  • View all imported data in a familiar layout on the Animal Profile.
  • Report on parentage, core and type traits, and composite indexes like TPI, JPI, Net Merit $, Cheese Merit $, and P-Value.