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Farmeron events redesign

Written by Ivan Stamenković on May 15, 2021


Dear farmers,

we have updated the overall look and feel of our events forms, used for recording everyday activities. Our effort was to make it even easier to keep track of your daily activities.
All of the forms that you need to fill out have been given visual upgrade, making it easier to see the things you need to enter.

Required fields are much easier to spot

Required fields are much easier to spot

We have also made sure that everything fits on the screen without scrolling, no matter what event you were trying to record. And did we mention that we have made adjustments to display everything smoothly on different screen sizes? Well, we did it. So recording events from your iPad or tablet should be a breeze.

An example of an events form

An example of an events form

Your valuable feedback was used to improve our system, so we want to thank you, our users, for standing  by us and helping us in making Farmeron the best it can be.
If you have any questions or ideas on how to further improve, feel free to contact us.

And stay tuned to our blog because we’re already back to the lab, building new stuff.

Improvements to our Calendar

Written by Ivan Stamenković on April 29, 2021

The Farmeron Calendar gives you insight in the future events on your farm, task execution tracking and enables you to plan your workday. Keeping track of farm activities is easy when Farmeron reminds you about all planned tasks and follow-ups you need to do each day.

Farmeron Calendar

Farmeron Calendar

And this was all working really good already. But in our constant effort to improve our system, we have added a few new things to the calendar we thought you might like.

We have improved the way you look at tasks and reminders for a single day, and given you the option to go from day to day using the navigation buttons on top, or selecting a date span to see all the tasks and reminders for a given time period.

Day view in the calendar

Single day view

You can also use this view to record a reminder or schedule a task, making it easier than ever to plan your activities.

And last but not least, the option to print out your tasks for the day gives you a to-do like checklist, making your work day a bit more organized and easier to cope with.

To-do List

To-do List

We used a lot of feedback from you, our customers, to create improvements for the Calendar and we are confident they will be useful to you. Try it out and see how it can help you organize your work day and help you collaborate with everybody involved in your production process.

Hiring in California: Account Managers needed

Written by Matija Kopić on March 25, 2021

Building web-based dairy business management software platform is our passion and we’re in the business of inventing a new future for the world’s Ag industry. It’s a bold undertaking, but we’re excited to participate in a huge transformation: producers are becoming more successful by making more data-driven decisions, every single day. Farmeron is spearheading the shift.

We’re now looking for bright candidates to join our Customer onboarding and support program in California (Fresno and Visalia area.)

The position involves managing entire customer relationship: from collecting customer data, setting up new accounts, to training customers on how to use Farmeron. Candidates will be also required to document customer feedback and make product improvement recommendations based on customer onboarding and support experiences in the field.

Prefered skills / qualifications: dairy farming background, experience with using herd management tools, experience with using web and mobile applications and devices, experience with technical (software) troubleshooting, team work attitude, good communication skills.

Contact us at jobs@farmeron.com. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Farmeron Dynamic Reports

Written by Goran Bokun on March 14, 2021


Running a business is all about making decisions. The best decisions are made when the right data is available at the right time in the right context, allowing you to analyze the performance of your business, guiding your decision making process. Farmeron Dynamic Reports bring the power of Business Intelligence suites directly to your desktop in a simple and efficient way.

Our main guidelines when designing the reporting system were simplicity, efficient data retrieval and display, user-friendly interface, and covering most interesting cases our users find themselves in. We asked our customers for reports they needed the most and after many responses we created a system that was able to cover most important use cases without sacrificing ease of use.

We believe Farmeron Dynamic Reports represent an easy way to make use of your gathered farm data that is relevant to making business decisions. With the Dynamic Animal Reports, complex analysis of animal data is a fast and simple process.

How does it work? Right after opening the Dynamic Animal Report page, first thing you see are Filters and Columns to display.

  • Filters – in order to select which animals will be displayed in the report, you use one of the filters. Filters will reduce the number of animals only to those that satisfy defined conditions. For instance, if you choose to see all animals that are over 15 months old, you will get all animals older than 15 months, and their Age column will be displayed.
  • Columns to display – in order to define the columns you want shown, check the desired column. For example, you have filtered by some criteria and you just want to add for instance Current general status, then all you have to do is check the Current general status checkbox in the Columns to display checkbox list.
Farmeron Dynamic Reports

Farmeron Dynamic Reports


In order to get a better understanding of filters and display columns lets go through an example. After you open the reports page and click Apply filters you will get a list of all currently active animals on your farm with only default columns (Animal life number and Short id) displayed.

Example of a list of all currently active animals

Example of a list of all currently active animals

If you wish to see additional information alongside the columns displayed by default, just use Columns to display to add columns to the table. You will still see the complete list of active animals on the farm, but with more information from the selected columns.

Report with DIM, Current lactation and Average daily feed cost columns displayed

Report with DIM, Current lactation and Average daily feed cost columns displayed

You can filter animal list by choosing any of the filter criteria like Average daily/monthly/yearly milk production, Average daily/monthly/yearly feed cost, Animal age, Animal general status, etc. The ability to select multiple filters and combine them enables you to display seemingly unconnected data and see what is affecting the production results of your herd. You can for example see animals that have been frequently treated (have a high health cost) and study their milk production to see how did the health problems affect milking results.

Example below displays data for animals that have conception rate greater than 50% in the last lactation. By default, the report will display column Last cycle conception rate because it is used in filter criteria. The table is expanded by DIM, Current lactation and Avg. daily feed cost columns because they were selected in the column list.

Example of a report with applied filters

Example of a report with applied filters

Once a report is generated you have the option to view it on your screen, print it out or save the data as an Excel table. You can also save the report criteria for future use. Farmeron provides you with several pre-defined reports to get you started.

That is Farmeron Dynamic Animal Report, first of our Dynamic Reports. Try it out and see for yourself how the power of the right data at the right time helps making good decisions. We are confident that Farmeron Dynamic Reports is an essential tool in fulfilling our goal of helping farmers become the very best.

Stay tuned as we continue our exploration of Farmeron in future blog posts!

Farmeron is hiring - again

Written by Goran Bokun on February 14, 2022

Farmeron is hiring - again. We are looking for backend developers in Osijek and Zagreb!

Running a farm is complex operation. Creating cloud software product for gathering all data generated by farm activities and transforming that data into information used by farmers to make the right decisions at the right time is equally complex. From health treatments to stock balance, Farmeron is tracking and integrating all data and events.

We need the right people to build the system that helps farmers with easier, faster and holistic farm management. We need people that will, as part of our team, help farm development across the world. If you recognize yourself in the description below, contact us as soon as possible!

If you are:

  • Motivated person who wants to contribute to making Farmeron better,
  • Developer interested in helping lowering food production costs,
  • Someone who wants to work on complex integrated product,
  • Ready to constantly change and improve Farmeron,
  • Accustomed to take initiative,
  • Setting yourself challenges instead of  fearing them,
  • Individualist who knows how to work in team :) ,

you have:

  • Great knowledge of: .NET, ASP MVC, Web Forms, C#, VB.NET,
  • (if you know SQL Server, T-SQL, NoSQL, HTML and jQuery that’s a plus)
  • Experience with: Agile software development, 3rd party API integration, OOP principles and patterns,

and would like:

  • Salary based on results,
  • Work with new technologies,
  • Flexible work hours,
  • Free lunch, coffee, milk, tea,
  • Flexible vacations,
  • Team educations, sport and social activities,
  • Possibility to work in Zagreb or Osijek,

then send us a mail to jobs@farmeron.com! Introduce yourself, tell us why you want to work with us and why do you think you are the right person for the team. Send us your CV, LinkedIn profile, your previous work… anything you think we could like!

We are accepting applications until we fill all positions, so do not waste time - we are processing the applications on a first come - first served basis.

Farmeron at the World Ag Expo 2014 - join the revolution!

Written by Matija Kopić on February 11, 2022

2022-02-11 09.37.42

Join us this week at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California (booth #6317), as we move forward with bringing about the digital and internet revolution in dairy and cattle farming. Farmeron will be presenting some of it latest technologies - including mobile application and several new integrated data streams - and all producers are welcome to stop by and give it a try.

We believe that the next big revolution in agriculture won’t be coming from new tractors or fertilisers, but from radical improvements in our production efficiency - driven by data. Same goes for the world of dairy and cattle farming. As world population grows to more than 9 billion by 2050, we’re invited to reinvent the way our milk and meat is being produced.

Could our cows produce more? Are we looking at the transformation of the dairy business model? How increasing conception rate affects my business? What if corn goes up a dollar? How will my operation project out 18 months? Or 3 years? What if I get cows to eat another pound of dry matter? Is benchmarking against other farms valuable? All od these questions - and many more - are answered with the help of tools like Farmeron. Going on, software in the dairy business shouldn’t be focusing on herd management, because that’s old story. We already have tools to track breeding cycles and health issues of our cows. Let’s focus on building tools which will improve the odds for our business to succeed in these times of change.

As we enter a new era in cloud computing - one where businesses (small and large ones) across the world are flocking to the Cloud and storing massive amounts of data in secured web environments, the future for dairy production and business optimisation looks bright. Valuable insights around hidden spaces for improving the efficiency of operations are used by producers to increase their competitive advantage. The best producers out there know it, and they want to stay best - but we’re seeing a change across the value chain, where even the smallest producers are starting to realise how powerful their data is. We’re witnessing the emergence of a Smart Farm - and it’s exciting to be in a front row.

By putting their trust in Farmeron, dairy and cattle producers throughout the world are embracing a new paradigm of managing their operations. Consolidation of different disconnected datasets becomes a priority and a critical part of the management strategy. Collaboration is imperative. It is facilitated by the fact that different stakeholders involved in managing a farming operation end up working on top of a single database - whether it’s herd management, feeding, veterinary, inventory or accounting work. Suddenly, there’s a clear understanding of how different people and different activities influence our production and business results. It’s an important social shift, which drives everybody to stay focused and responsible for delivering the best they can.

Along the way, there are couple of challenges we’re facing:

1. Improving the broadband infrastructure on farms is a prerequisite for a successful web revolution. We still have issues with getting a good internet connection to remote farming hubs.

2. We need to empower producers to embrace the change willingly, but many are still reluctant to do so. Farmeron works actively to showcase good examples of how technology has changed the status quo.

3. ‘Thinking holistically’ is another educational challenge we face. While many producers are really good with breeding their animals - many of them don’t know their real numbers. Holistic approach to managing our resources makes sure we count in all the factors contributing to successful execution of our plans.

This year’s World Ag Expo is another opportunity for the entire dairy and cattle ecosystem to meet a new trend in how farms of the future will be managed - and it’s driven by web, data, collaboration and holistic thinking. Here’s to all producers who will dare to take the next step!

Farmeron at Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture 2014

Written by Matija Kopić on January 29, 2022


There’s a bright future for innovations in agriculture: over 150 new concepts and technologies will be presented at first Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, taking place in Abu Dhabi from 3-4 February 2014. From Super Broccoli to Big Data in Ag, Forum will showcase a number of game-changing concepts designed to improve the efficiency of our ag resources and production processes. Take a look at what Bill Gates has to say about it - here.

Farmeron has the honour of hosting a round table discussion named How Cloud-based Farm Management and Big Data changes the decision-making process in dairy and cattle business. Our CEO Matija Kopic will offer a unique perspective on how Farmeron producers across the world integrate their data sets in order to power a real-time production and business decision-support analytics engine.

Stop by booth #A172 and take a glimpse into the future of dairy and cattle business cloud computing!

Introducing Farmeron 3.0

Written by Goran Bokun on December 12, 2021

About a year ago, we released Farmeron 2.0. It was a big release, bringing improved functionality to our customers. In last year, we polished it and included more features our customers requested.

In parallel, we worked on next big thing, and now we would like to show you the results. In next few blog posts we will speak about most important changes. We start with the new Protocols functionality.


Farmeron protocols - create once, execute on demand

Farmers throughout the world rely on clearly defined operating procedures - protocols - to run their operations efficiently, every single day. From breeding programs to treating illnesses, protocols allow producers to stay on top of their daily to-do lists, which have a direct impact on the future of the operation - from cow flow to cash flow.

Farmeron wants to underline the importance of tracking the impact of these basic herd management activities on the longevity of our animals and the health of our farming business in the future. We’re doing that by assigning clear costing structure to each one of these activities forming a particular operating procedure or protocol. Activity-based costing permeates this new feature. Every time you put an animal through an Ovsynch Protocol, Farmeron knows exactly how much would that cost.


  1. Create once, execute on demand. Bring new intelligence into your daily workflow.
  2. Track your animals through their breeding, health and other production procedures.
  3. Understand the cost of your daily operating procedures.
  4. Understand the impact of your present actions on the future of your operation.


If you use Farmeron, you certainly used the event recording feature, where you can record various activities you perform on your animals (inseminations, vaccinations, calvings…). We have now improved this feature and created protocols that run on top of them. Using protocols, you can define arbitrary number of various events that are always performed in a certain sequence, with fixed intervals between each event in the protocol. After creating a protocol, you can assign animals to it in order to create a “protocol run” - an instance of protocol that runs independently. By doing so, you have group of animals undergoing fixed set of events with scheduled dates. Interesting? Read on! :)


Redesigned event recording system

Let’s first look at the redesigned user interface of event recording system. We have reduced the two-step wizard process to a single page system. Now you can edit event parameters and pick the animals for it on the same page. Additionally, you can opt to start a protocol run with the animals in the event (e.g. start a protocol run for new breeding cycle on calving event). Figure 1 shows how this  looks when recording dry off event.


Figure: Recording dry off event

Figure 1. Recording dry off event


Other interesting new things can be seen, too. You can optionally record animal migrations when recording dry off. Unique event codes are automatically given to each event you record in Farmeron. The code is visible on all event timelines and you can search for the events using that code.


Protocols - definitions of your herd management processes

Protocol defines a set of events that follow each other. When creating a protocol, you add events in order you want them performed. You can predefine resources for each event (e.g. materials used). When adding event to the protocol, you can choose its position and how many days after previous event should this one be scheduled. The “Days after previous activity” parameter enables the system to correctly schedule events when a run is created. Figure 2 shows the page for creating protocol.


Figure: Adding events to protocol

Figure 2. Adding events to protocol


After the protocol had been created, it can be applied to animals as many times as needed. List of all created protocols on a farm can be viewed on a dedicated page which also shows how many times has certain protocol been run on the farm. The details page of a protocol offers quick overview of all events in it, along with all of the protocol runs from that protocol.


Protocol runs - protocols put to action

After you create the protocol, you need to assign animals to it in order to create a run of it. A protocol run is an active instance of the protocol, with animals in it. Animals in a protocol run will be scheduled for certain predefined events based on the protocol definition. Runs can be created from New protocol run, Animal list and Record event pages.

When a run is created, the system will progressively schedule tasks for the animals in it - after you complete a step in a protocol run, system will schedule the next one. Scheduled tasks will then be visible on Calendar and In Brief pages from where you can quickly navigate to the event recording page with parameters and animals predefined from the run. You can also check details of certain protocol run to see which animals are in which stages of the protocol run and record their appropriate events (see Figure 3).


Figure: Details of protocol run

Figure 3. Details of protocol run


The run details page also enables you to abort protocol run or just remove certain animals from it.

Using the checkboxes in the bottom of Figure 1 you can branch animals in a protocol run with or without stopping the current one. You can also choose to edit events from protocol run when recording them. This enables you to influence protocols in any way you like.


This is just a short overview of the new Farmeron Protocols feature. Go out and try it. We believe you will like it as much as we do.

Going wild: need more awesome people and a brand new Zagreb office

Written by Matija Kopić on November 5, 2021

Farmeron is growing like weed. Building an enterprise farm business management and analytics platform is our passion and we’re in the business of inventing a new future for the world’s Ag industry. It’s a bold undertaking, but we’re excited to participate in a huge transformation: producers are becoming more successful by making more data-driven decisions, every single day. Farmeron is spearheading the shift. On a farm of 40 cows - all the way up to 4,000.


We’re opening our Zagreb development office because we believe there are many bright and passionate people there eager and waiting to help us move faster - and more aggressively. Farmeron is hiring 3 ASP.NET backend developers for our new office, but we’re just getting started.


The Winter is coming - to Zagreb.



We are looking for top of the class technical people to join us and share our passion for making a dent in the world through sophisticated, exciting and beautiful web-based farm management tools.

We expect you to be brilliant developer. Coder. Hacker. You will be joining our tech team in developing Farmeron’s core features in Zagreb, Croatia. You will be asked to jump into the hot seat during your first day of work. Be prepared for that. (Yes, there is a rigorous first-day-at-job routine our employees go through. Don’t worry, most of them stay alive.) You will be challenged by our customers every single day, and you will have to prove again and again that you are worthy of being part of Farmeron family.


We need you to be agile, sharp and efficient. With no excuses. You will be held accountable for your work - for every line of Code you write. We don’t want blind instruction-followers, and we will expect you to challenge every decision made in the course of the day. You will be firefighter, evangelist and storyteller. You will have to assemble your own working desk (and probably your computer).If you have farming friends, family or relatives - you will be asked to reach out to them and ask them to try out the product you’ll be building.

But all of this is what makes us go forward every day - so remember before applying: you’ll be joining a group of people deeply devoted to friendship, loyalty, knowledge and radical innovation.


*** CV alert ***


We think that resumes/CVs are useless. Yeah, you can send us one… But we would rather see a piece of the Code you recently wrote. Or a live project you’re working on. And we would enjoy reading a short story about your life so far (you should be honest). Try hard. Tell us what you think about anything you’d like to write about - and tell us how do you see yourself being part of our company.


Few things we might ask you about:

  • knowledge of ASP.NET technology (MVC and Web forms) and Visual Studio IDE
  • superior programming skills (VB.NET and/or C#)
  • knowledge of MSSQL and/or MySQL (advanced querying, db scaling, cloud infrastructures)
  • knowledge of xHTML and XML
  • knowledge of network protocols (HTTP)
  • OOP
  • design patterns
  • third party API implementation
  • agile programming
  • pragmatic decision making


If you plan to compete for the position, we kindly ask you to deliver the solution to the problem assignment we have put together. It’s available here:



Send your stuff to davor@farmeron.com


November 20th, 2013

Farmeron and Virtus Nutrition Announce Big Fat Collaboration

Written by Matija Kopić on October 4, 2021

MADISON, WISCONSIN, October 4, 2021 – Today, Farmeron and Virtus Nutrition announce a joint collaboration to deliver state-of-the-art instant dairy performance analytics on Virtus Nutrition products inside the Farmeron cloud-based farm management platform. Farmeron powers a dynamic farm reporting and analytics engine with state-of-the-art technology that enables simple report creation, generation and automation with the user’s account data anytime. Virtus Nutrition has created a comprehensive Omega Monitor report inside Farmeron for tracking real-time customer milk production and reproduction analytics while Farmeron brings the bottom line economic benefits to the front. Producers feeding Virtus omega products (Prequel and Strata) will be able to track real-time improvements in early milk and reproduction, and continuously monitor performance trends on any connected device. Farmeron helps Virtus Nutrition to improve customer retention and continue the progression Virtus Nutrition is making to deliver measurable results with leading edge cloud and mobile technologies. Virtus Nutrition will continuously evolve its Omega Monitor report by innovating new ways to scan data streams and generate instant analysis that the Farmeron cloud-based dynamic reporting technology now provides.

I’ve been saying our industry needs dynamic reporting for 25 years,” says Dr. Kevin Murphy, Technical Director for Virtus Nutrition. Farmeron “is groundbreaking in what we can now work on with producers. We’re developing a next generation look inside a producer’s dairy with our Monitor Report, enhancing our sales and retention with Farmeron’s cloud-based business management platform while creating whole new potential for producer innovation.”

We believe the time is now for industry to work together with Farmeron to help producers understand what they can do to be the best every single day” says Matija Kopic, Founder and CEO of Farmeron, Inc. “We’re proud of the significant time savings and radically improved customer experience we generate for Virtus Nutrition customers who bring their farm data alive inside Farmeron, creating dynamic reports, and we’re super excited about the measurable ways producers benefit their business when looking at their Farmeron.”

Farmeron (www.farmeron.com) is the world’s first cloud-based dairy farm business management software that dynamically generates analytics that empower farm business management. Producers can understand their dairy’s profitability, undertake business planning and simulation, analyze materials costs, individual animal economics, and efficiencies in real-time. Farmeron brings all of your herd, production and financial data together into one simple to use, simple to manage farm business management platform.

As the industry leader in fatty acid nutrition for dairy cattle, Virtus Nutrition (www.virtusnutrition.com) precisely formulates and manufactures innovative dairy feed ingredients that are proven to drive significant improvements in production efficiency and reproductive performance. Virtus introduced the first iPad application for the dairy industry and now continues its progression with Farmeron in utilizing new technology to bring a wealth of information for dairy producers, nutritionists and others interested in the latest on Omega fatty acid technology for improved dairy cattle nutrition.


Press Contacts:

Dave Saunders, Farmeron, 614-547-2609, dave@farmeron.com

Renee A. Smith, Virtus Nutrition, 661-699-8552, rsmith@virtusnutrition.com

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