Improvements to our Calendar

Written by Ivan Stamenković on April 29, 2021

The Farmeron Calendar gives you insight in the future events on your farm, task execution tracking and enables you to plan your workday. Keeping track of farm activities is easy when Farmeron reminds you about all planned tasks and follow-ups you need to do each day.

Farmeron Calendar

Farmeron Calendar

And this was all working really good already. But in our constant effort to improve our system, we have added a few new things to the calendar we thought you might like.

We have improved the way you look at tasks and reminders for a single day, and given you the option to go from day to day using the navigation buttons on top, or selecting a date span to see all the tasks and reminders for a given time period.

Day view in the calendar

Single day view

You can also use this view to record a reminder or schedule a task, making it easier than ever to plan your activities.

And last but not least, the option to print out your tasks for the day gives you a to-do like checklist, making your work day a bit more organized and easier to cope with.

To-do List

To-do List

We used a lot of feedback from you, our customers, to create improvements for the Calendar and we are confident they will be useful to you. Try it out and see how it can help you organize your work day and help you collaborate with everybody involved in your production process.

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