Going wild: need more awesome people and a brand new Zagreb office

Written by Matija Kopić on November 5, 2021

Farmeron is growing like weed. Building an enterprise farm business management and analytics platform is our passion and we’re in the business of inventing a new future for the world’s Ag industry. It’s a bold undertaking, but we’re excited to participate in a huge transformation: producers are becoming more successful by making more data-driven decisions, every single day. Farmeron is spearheading the shift. On a farm of 40 cows - all the way up to 4,000.


We’re opening our Zagreb development office because we believe there are many bright and passionate people there eager and waiting to help us move faster - and more aggressively. Farmeron is hiring 3 ASP.NET backend developers for our new office, but we’re just getting started.


The Winter is coming - to Zagreb.



We are looking for top of the class technical people to join us and share our passion for making a dent in the world through sophisticated, exciting and beautiful web-based farm management tools.

We expect you to be brilliant developer. Coder. Hacker. You will be joining our tech team in developing Farmeron’s core features in Zagreb, Croatia. You will be asked to jump into the hot seat during your first day of work. Be prepared for that. (Yes, there is a rigorous first-day-at-job routine our employees go through. Don’t worry, most of them stay alive.) You will be challenged by our customers every single day, and you will have to prove again and again that you are worthy of being part of Farmeron family.


We need you to be agile, sharp and efficient. With no excuses. You will be held accountable for your work - for every line of Code you write. We don’t want blind instruction-followers, and we will expect you to challenge every decision made in the course of the day. You will be firefighter, evangelist and storyteller. You will have to assemble your own working desk (and probably your computer).If you have farming friends, family or relatives - you will be asked to reach out to them and ask them to try out the product you’ll be building.

But all of this is what makes us go forward every day - so remember before applying: you’ll be joining a group of people deeply devoted to friendship, loyalty, knowledge and radical innovation.


*** CV alert ***


We think that resumes/CVs are useless. Yeah, you can send us one… But we would rather see a piece of the Code you recently wrote. Or a live project you’re working on. And we would enjoy reading a short story about your life so far (you should be honest). Try hard. Tell us what you think about anything you’d like to write about - and tell us how do you see yourself being part of our company.


Few things we might ask you about:

  • knowledge of ASP.NET technology (MVC and Web forms) and Visual Studio IDE
  • superior programming skills (VB.NET and/or C#)
  • knowledge of MSSQL and/or MySQL (advanced querying, db scaling, cloud infrastructures)
  • knowledge of xHTML and XML
  • knowledge of network protocols (HTTP)
  • OOP
  • design patterns
  • third party API implementation
  • agile programming
  • pragmatic decision making


If you plan to compete for the position, we kindly ask you to deliver the solution to the problem assignment we have put together. It’s available here:



Send your stuff to davor@farmeron.com


November 20th, 2013

  • vkaldi

    Hmm, je li to nedostatak kvalitetnih u Osijeku ili samo širite horizonte? :)

    • ivo

      oboje. ali reko bi vise ovo prvo :)

      • http://www.vkaldi.com/ vkaldi

        Da se razumijemo, vjerujem i da Zagreb pati od sličnog problema.
        Veći broj kvalitetnih ljudi je ovdje, ali i više poslodavaca :)

  • klint

    hehe, n1 zadatak, najbolji kod ce se integrirati u postojece rjesenje, a pobjednik ce dobiti posao ;-)

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