Farmeron at the World Ag Expo 2014 - join the revolution!

Written by Matija Kopić on February 11, 2022

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Join us this week at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California (booth #6317), as we move forward with bringing about the digital and internet revolution in dairy and cattle farming. Farmeron will be presenting some of it latest technologies - including mobile application and several new integrated data streams - and all producers are welcome to stop by and give it a try.

We believe that the next big revolution in agriculture won’t be coming from new tractors or fertilisers, but from radical improvements in our production efficiency - driven by data. Same goes for the world of dairy and cattle farming. As world population grows to more than 9 billion by 2050, we’re invited to reinvent the way our milk and meat is being produced.

Could our cows produce more? Are we looking at the transformation of the dairy business model? How increasing conception rate affects my business? What if corn goes up a dollar? How will my operation project out 18 months? Or 3 years? What if I get cows to eat another pound of dry matter? Is benchmarking against other farms valuable? All od these questions - and many more - are answered with the help of tools like Farmeron. Going on, software in the dairy business shouldn’t be focusing on herd management, because that’s old story. We already have tools to track breeding cycles and health issues of our cows. Let’s focus on building tools which will improve the odds for our business to succeed in these times of change.

As we enter a new era in cloud computing - one where businesses (small and large ones) across the world are flocking to the Cloud and storing massive amounts of data in secured web environments, the future for dairy production and business optimisation looks bright. Valuable insights around hidden spaces for improving the efficiency of operations are used by producers to increase their competitive advantage. The best producers out there know it, and they want to stay best - but we’re seeing a change across the value chain, where even the smallest producers are starting to realise how powerful their data is. We’re witnessing the emergence of a Smart Farm - and it’s exciting to be in a front row.

By putting their trust in Farmeron, dairy and cattle producers throughout the world are embracing a new paradigm of managing their operations. Consolidation of different disconnected datasets becomes a priority and a critical part of the management strategy. Collaboration is imperative. It is facilitated by the fact that different stakeholders involved in managing a farming operation end up working on top of a single database - whether it’s herd management, feeding, veterinary, inventory or accounting work. Suddenly, there’s a clear understanding of how different people and different activities influence our production and business results. It’s an important social shift, which drives everybody to stay focused and responsible for delivering the best they can.

Along the way, there are couple of challenges we’re facing:

1. Improving the broadband infrastructure on farms is a prerequisite for a successful web revolution. We still have issues with getting a good internet connection to remote farming hubs.

2. We need to empower producers to embrace the change willingly, but many are still reluctant to do so. Farmeron works actively to showcase good examples of how technology has changed the status quo.

3. ‘Thinking holistically’ is another educational challenge we face. While many producers are really good with breeding their animals - many of them don’t know their real numbers. Holistic approach to managing our resources makes sure we count in all the factors contributing to successful execution of our plans.

This year’s World Ag Expo is another opportunity for the entire dairy and cattle ecosystem to meet a new trend in how farms of the future will be managed - and it’s driven by web, data, collaboration and holistic thinking. Here’s to all producers who will dare to take the next step!

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