Farmeron and Virtus Nutrition Announce Big Fat Collaboration

Written by Matija Kopić on October 4, 2021

MADISON, WISCONSIN, October 4, 2021 – Today, Farmeron and Virtus Nutrition announce a joint collaboration to deliver state-of-the-art instant dairy performance analytics on Virtus Nutrition products inside the Farmeron cloud-based farm management platform. Farmeron powers a dynamic farm reporting and analytics engine with state-of-the-art technology that enables simple report creation, generation and automation with the user’s account data anytime. Virtus Nutrition has created a comprehensive Omega Monitor report inside Farmeron for tracking real-time customer milk production and reproduction analytics while Farmeron brings the bottom line economic benefits to the front. Producers feeding Virtus omega products (Prequel and Strata) will be able to track real-time improvements in early milk and reproduction, and continuously monitor performance trends on any connected device. Farmeron helps Virtus Nutrition to improve customer retention and continue the progression Virtus Nutrition is making to deliver measurable results with leading edge cloud and mobile technologies. Virtus Nutrition will continuously evolve its Omega Monitor report by innovating new ways to scan data streams and generate instant analysis that the Farmeron cloud-based dynamic reporting technology now provides.

I’ve been saying our industry needs dynamic reporting for 25 years,” says Dr. Kevin Murphy, Technical Director for Virtus Nutrition. Farmeron “is groundbreaking in what we can now work on with producers. We’re developing a next generation look inside a producer’s dairy with our Monitor Report, enhancing our sales and retention with Farmeron’s cloud-based business management platform while creating whole new potential for producer innovation.”

We believe the time is now for industry to work together with Farmeron to help producers understand what they can do to be the best every single day” says Matija Kopic, Founder and CEO of Farmeron, Inc. “We’re proud of the significant time savings and radically improved customer experience we generate for Virtus Nutrition customers who bring their farm data alive inside Farmeron, creating dynamic reports, and we’re super excited about the measurable ways producers benefit their business when looking at their Farmeron.”

Farmeron ( is the world’s first cloud-based dairy farm business management software that dynamically generates analytics that empower farm business management. Producers can understand their dairy’s profitability, undertake business planning and simulation, analyze materials costs, individual animal economics, and efficiencies in real-time. Farmeron brings all of your herd, production and financial data together into one simple to use, simple to manage farm business management platform.

As the industry leader in fatty acid nutrition for dairy cattle, Virtus Nutrition ( precisely formulates and manufactures innovative dairy feed ingredients that are proven to drive significant improvements in production efficiency and reproductive performance. Virtus introduced the first iPad application for the dairy industry and now continues its progression with Farmeron in utilizing new technology to bring a wealth of information for dairy producers, nutritionists and others interested in the latest on Omega fatty acid technology for improved dairy cattle nutrition.


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