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People behind Farmeron – Nikolina Brdarić

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Aug 23, 2016

The key for making good decisions is accurate data. And our Data Analyst team makes sure you can rely on anything you see in Farmeron. Meet Nikolina, one of the people that ensures the numbers are sound.

The latest bull evaluations update imported

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Aug 19, 2016

A new Bull evaluations update has been released by CDCB and NAAB. We have updated our database with the latest information available!

Farmeron Report Scheduler is live!

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Aug 17, 2016

To give you more options to view and share the most important reports in Farmeron, we have released the Farmeron Report Scheduler! Learn more about this update.

Virtus Nutrition Acquires Farmeron

Written by Matija Kopić on Aug 09, 2016

Acquisition will accelerate the collaboration on delivering the leading livestock farming software.

Farmeron for iOS – Animal Profile update

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Jul 29, 2016

Check out the latest update for the Farmeron iOS app!

New Ways to Customize Reports

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Jul 18, 2016

We have made a few new additions to the Dynamic Reports! Read on to see what’s new.

Meet us at the 2016 US Jersey Annual Meeting!

Written by David Folly on Jun 24, 2016

On Wednesday June 29, Farmeron will be in sunny San Diego, California, with Jersey breeders from across the nation.  We’re spreading the news of our Genetic Data Transfer exclusively for registered Jersey breeders!


Farmeron iOS Scheduled Tasks

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Jun 23, 2016

Scheduled tasks for iOS have been released. Find out how to complete scheduled tasks and enroll animals in protocols with Farmeron 3.0 for iOS