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Genetic progress and sire summaries

Written by Ivan Stamenković on May 19, 2016

What is the colour of your eyes? What’s your hair colour? How tall are you?
Looking at your parents, you can see that you’ve inherited these traits partly from them. And the culprit here is, at least to some extent, genetics.
Genetics determine these and many other characteristics amongst all living things. And genetic progress is a process in which you try to ensure inheritance of the most desirable traits when breeding an animal.
In this article, we’ll give you some insight on how to get started with genetic progress on your farm, and show you a tool that can help you in that effort!

Farmeron & Activity Monitors

Written by Ivan Stamenković on May 03, 2016

From now on you have the option to import the data generated by activity monitors directly into Farmeron, and make important decisions based on timely and accurate information.


Hiring a backend developer

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Apr 25, 2016

Farmeron ponovno zapošljava! Ovoga puta tražimo backend developera koji bi nam se pridružio, u Zagrebu ili Osijeku.
Saznaj što tražimo, prijavi se i postani dio našeg rastućeg tima!

Dynamic Reports Updates

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Apr 15, 2016

We are constantly improving our Dynamic Reports, giving you more and more options to create the most intricate information sources.
A lot of updates and changes have come out recently, and there is an exciting new feature we haven’t covered through our blog yet. Find out what’s new and how you can utilize it to create the most powerful reports

Bull evaluations update 2016

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Apr 13, 2016

A while ago we enabled you to search a vast library of more than 450000 official records of bulls that you could filter to find the best semen choice for your reproduction goals.
A new update of the evaluations has been released and we have imported the information into Farmeron.


Farmeron Hoof Check App is live!

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Apr 06, 2016

A dedicated Farmeron app to help you keep better track of hoof care has been released. Read on to find out what’s the newest addition to our set of tools that will help you become the very best at what you do!

Farmeron iOS application is live!

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Mar 29, 2016

The long awaited freestyle event recording version of the Farmeron iOS app is now live on the App Store!

Wanted: SQL Server Database developer (m/ž)

Written by Ivan Stamenković on Feb 29, 2016

Vođenje farme je kompleksan posao! Jednako toliko kompleksan je i posao izgradnje cloud programskog rješenja koji će prikupljati sve podatke koji se generiraju raznim aktivnostima na farmi, a zatim te podatke pretvoriti u znanje koje će pomoći farmeru donijeti prave odluke. Od liječenja do obrta materijala – Farmeron sve prati i povezuje.