All your animals

Managing your cows just got a whole lot easier.

Intuitive animal list

Our animal list is the most advanced herdbook you have ever met. You’ll love it at first sight. Here’s just a piece of it: multi-parameter animal data filtering, on-spot reporting and grouping - you name it, we have it.

Lightning fast data import

If you already have your animal data stored in a spreadsheet (or some other herd database), Farmeron will instantly import it into our database and you’ll get the full experience seconds after that. We will also give you chance to review and edit your data before the import.

Create holding pens

Farmeron allows you to create custom groups of animals - holding pens. Pens are your virtual groups which often resemble the real-life groups you’re using to group animals on your farm (according to animal housing needs, reproductive status, health status or something else). Creating pens and moving animals from one to another is super-easy.

Flexible feeding groups

Feeding groups are basic logical groups of animals in Farmeron. We deeply believe in the need to feed animals properly in each of the life or reproduction phases - and we’ve created a set of different feeding groups for our farmers to use. Farmeron is here to create a standard in how we define, group and manage feeding groups on our farms. Take a look!

Animal statuses

Farmeron recognizes 7 general animal life cycle stages: Milk, Heifer, Dry cow, Dry heifer, Calf, Calf (male) and Bull. We’ve created these after industry-standards observed in the largest dairy countries in the world. Also, all animals eligible for production are marked as Active, while the ones entering Farmeron but still not ready for production are marked as Pending. It makes herd management a breeze.

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