Graphs and reports

Powerful graphs and reports to guide your decisions. Right on time.

Financial performance

Our team at Farmeron has developed a series of helpful graphs for you to quickly learn how profitable your farm operation actually is. You will never look back.

Herd planning

Discover the hidden potential of your herd and learn more about what it takes to get to the next level. Farmeron allows you to carefully plan the growth of your herd and figure out what’s needed to get there.

...and we have a ton more.

Graphs and reports you’ll actually use:

  • Feed and water distributed vs. Milk produced
  • Nutrition consumed vs. Milk produced
  • Feed nutritional analysis
  • Feed carbohydrate structure analysis
  • Somatic cell count overview
  • Production vs. Weather
  • Sexed semen success overview
  • Insemination and pregnancy overview
  • Days after calving vs. Milk compared to herd average
  • Days after calving vs. Current lactation
  • Insemination conception rate

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