Fertility & health

Know every step of the reproduction cycle.
Your farm’s future depends on it.

Fertility events and status tracking

Each of the animals on your farm walks through it’s life following an incredible reproduction path. Farmeron keeps track of every single important fertility event and places your animals into several important gynecological stages: Open, Birth, Heat, Inseminated, PD- (pregnancy not diagnosed), PD+ (pregnancy diagnosed), Aborted and Not for insemination. Never miss an important fertility event again.

Fertility snapshot

Farmeron gives you this powerful yet simple graph showing your animal’s fertility path. Each of the dots is one of your cows making it’s way towards better performance.

Keep them healthy and happy

Health checks are the most important veterinary routines known in the dairy universe. Farmeron’s database of animal health issues and treatments will guide you through the process of helping your animals to overcome their problems. Cows will be thankful, and your records will be in good hands.

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