Auto feeding

Maximize profits by optimizing feed costs.
On autopilot.

Powerful daily feeding orders

Are you tired of managing countless animal feed recipes on papers and in spreadsheets? Worry no more: Farmeron brings a cutting-edge technology for automated feed distribution tracking. Create daily feeding orders for different feeding groups and just forget about managing them ever again (until you need to edit the recipe). The cost of the feed will be automatically added to production performance reports and graphs, and here’s the beauty: it can be done under 5 minutes.

Analyze your feed’s nutritional value

Imagine knowing exactly how much you will earn from feeding your animals with a certain feeding bill of material. It’s called feeding efficiency: Farmeron will examine the nutritional value of your feeding components and give you tools to optimize quality, structure and cost of the animal daily feed intake. All while caring about nutritional demands of the animal itself. It’s awesome and we’re proud to have it available for all our customers!

Helpful feed distribution plans

Farmeron will prepare simple feed loading instructions for your farm workers. No need to do it manually - get all the feed quantities and distribution schedules figured out on time.

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