Meet Farmboard, your real-time farm
performance monitor.

Brief farm snapshot

It will take you literally two seconds to learn what’s going on with your cows. What’s the number of animals in each of the feeding groups and general status groups? What’s our latest milk yield and financial result? You name it, Farmboard has it.

Fertility and herd metrics

From conception rate to number of calvings, Farmboard gives you a clear perspective on your herd’s current fertility state. Milk/herd snapshot gives you a stunning insight into your animal’s productivity compared to their gynecological status.

Milking trends

The quality of your milk is an imperative, no excuses here. Average protein, fat, and SCC, lactation yield and 305 yield parameters will clearly signal the trend of your milking production. Farmboard will make sure you react to some negative trends on time.

Know your finances

Farmeron knows your farm is a business like any other business out there. Take a smart look into the financial trends of your production and act on it, right away. From feeding costs to milk revenue, Farmboard will keep you posted on your most important financial metrics.

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