Animal profiles

Get to know each animal. And learn how to
boost their performance.

Production activity

A cow’s production activity is carefully being recorded and maintained in an intuitive set of Farmeron pages and controls known as the Animal profile. From feeding and health to weighing and milking performance, you have it all in a single place. No need to extract data from a complicated database. Everything you ever needed to know about your animals is right here, just take a quick look.

Economic performance

Knowing your animal’s economic performance will help you decide if it makes sense to invest in the animal’s future. When does your animal start to produce more than it costs you? Farmeron provides you with the ability to focus on each animal and its data. This helps you make critical decisions like culling earlier and makes them more accurate.

Events timeline

Farmeron’s animal profile gives you a simple chronological overview of every single event that ever happened to your animal. Wondering what happened with cow number 483 on October 1st 2007? Easy to do.

Add supporting files

The animal profile allows you to upload a set of different supporting documents to describe and store information about your animal. Insurance docs, pictures, videos - it’s all carefully stored, and you will never have to worry about losing them again.

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